Spray Booth Filters – Superior Paint Booth Filtration

Need an effective spray booth filter that is 100% organic and filters pollutants better than other conventional filters? Look no further. Profilt is your one-stop-shop for superior paint booth filtration solutions. The high efficiency filters help to reduce emissions of solids in the atmosphere. PROFILT contributes to the struggle for environmental protection in accordance with European standard for industrial discharges (EN779 -2012) standards.

Paint Spray Booth Filters

Why Profilt?

Profilt specializes in effective filters for paint booths. Indeed, Profilt cardboard filters are made from natural and recycled materials in order to capture the pollutant particles in the air.

The range of products PROCART and PROKRAFT PAINTSTOP was manufactured in order to retain the maximum number of paint particles during the paint booth filtration process. It is much more effective than most other filters. It is fully biodegradable.

The filters PROCART and PROKRAFT PAINTSTOP are easy to install and last longer than other types of filters made from glass and polyester.


The spray booth filtration essentials for the amenities in spraying (paint, glue, resin).The concept of perforated accordion filter is used by many manufacturers to collect particles of varnish, lacquer, paint, powder and other residues. The PROCART filters are very good. Their high holding capacity is caused by the manner in which they are folded in accordion.

The PROCART filters for paint booths are 100% organic, natural and ecological and thus contribute to environmental safety.

Profilt Filtration System for Paint Booths / Spray Booths

At Profilt, we strive to deliver superior quality products that are highly efficient and help in maintaining a safe working environment in spray booths / paint booths. Our advanced filtration system serves two purposes, namely:

  1. Ensuring efficiency of materials in collecting overspray (powdered material, debris or particles in the air) for providing a clean and safe working environment.
  2. Achieving optimal performance of components (air velocity) and controlling production costs with superior paint booth filters.

Since our products are made from 100% organic material, they are biodegradable and can be disposed safely when required.

Common Filtration System for Spray Booths / Paint Booths

Knowing the right system for your spray booth filtration requirements can help you to capture overspray in a better manner. Common filtration systems for spray booths include:

  • Sieve / Dry Filters Separation Systems:
    They are used is in open and closed cabs. The dry paint booth filter is made of either mattress nonwoven materials or multilayer filters consisting of paper and kraft fibers. The filter retains the particles with a filter panel consisting of several layers of glass fibers, synthetic resins or Kraft.
  • The Inertia Separation Systems
    This paint booth filtration system uses a special pleated wall box. The curtain is made of cardboard folded in accordance to the design. A series of holes are arranged ingeniously which accurately capture and retain maximum particles.
    The overspray enters the filter and meets the wall which triggers an air turbulence inside. Heavy particles of paint, glue or resin are deposited inside the walls, allowing air to escape.
    It is a type of economic spray booth filter which is easy to store and use. A polyester layer is sometimes added to improve performance.
  • The Filter Systems Water Curtain
    This spray booth filtration system uses a water curtain to capture overspray. It is a very effective system and is recommended for all industries that demand a dust free environment. Plastic and automotive chemicals such as flocculants and coagulants should be used to treat water and avoid clogging installations (pipes pump) and prevent downtime.

Technical Filter for Paint Booths

The “hole pattern” separation filter for paint booths promotes the deposition of particles by forcing air laden with particles to change direction continuously. Thus, these successive movements ensure the deposition of particles on the walls as long as the flow of air is in continuous movement.

Filter Economic

Because of its concept of manufacturing, PROCART filter for spray booths lasts longer. Furthermore, it offers the advantage of being much easier to store and transport than filter rolls. In addition to its high performance, the filter also provides comfortable operation.

The Filters Prokraft Paintstop

Made from layers of kraft paper, both cracked and stretched, the filters “PROKRAFT CH” have the ability to retain the maximum possible particles.

Thanks to the combination of paint booth filters and layer of Kraft fiber nonwoven polyester filters “PROKRAFT CH” offer the perfect fusion between high retention capacity and the filter fineness.