PROTRAM: Synthetic filter media for tunnel and spray booths (plenum).


To obtain an excellent final result, the PROTRAM filter media is an essential filter to clean air before penetration into the spray booth. The PROTRAM filter can be fitted in all European spray booths, and can be used for vertical, semi-vertical or horizontal ventilation. This filter is used after PROPREFIL or PROTRAM.


Compliant and efficient

Due to its structure, PROTRAM meets C.R.A.M standards (air passage speed) while maintaining an optimum efficiency.


PROTRAM is non-woven filter media made from unbreakable synthetic fibres. These fibres are heat sealed and impregnated with a special adhesive over the entire depth of the media to increase the mechanical resistance of this fine filter. Furthermore, it is reinforced by a woven weft (clean air side).

Air purification

After a first air filtration (PROPREFIL or PROCLAR), our PROTRAM filter is used to capture the finest particles and dust so that the air entering the spray booth is as pure as possible.

Environmentally friendly

The media is heat sealed with no harmful gas emissions, and uses a process that is completely environmentally friendly. PROTRAM prevents pollutants from penetrating into the work area which creates a safer and cleaner environment.

Easy to use

The PROTRAM filter media is located in the plenum. The media assembly, on the reinforced finished side, must be visible from inside the booth.



Classification EN 779 F5 F5 F5
Gravimetric efficiency 93% 96% 98%
Depth 22mm 20 à 23mm 20 à 23mm
Weight/m² 500g 560g 600g
Rétention gr/m² 630 480 500+
Frontal speed m/s 1,5 M/S 0,7 0,25   0,50   0,70
Flow rate M3/H/m² 5400 2520 900   1800    2520
Load loss – New state
(mm of water column)
46 PA 57 PA 35  45  60
Maximum load loss
mm of water column)
300 PA 430 PA 450 PA
Maximum continuous operating temperature 100°C


PROTRAM products are delivered in rolls.

Dimensions 20 X 1,00 M
65′ X 39,4”
20 X 2,00 M
65′ X 78,7”
N° rolls/pallet 6 3

* Cut panels are packed in accordance with their size and quality in flexible packaging (film).