PROTECNET: Agent to remove dust from air.

PROTECNET is specially designed to attract dust particles in the air. Surfaces treated with this product turn into a real dust trap.
PROTECNET effectively fights against air pollution.
PROTECNET should be applied directly at dust emission points and wherever dust is annoying or harmful:

– Mainly for paint spray booths where circulating air lifts dust coming from vehicles. The same applies to the floors and walls inside the booth.

– Grinding shops, storage areas for powder products, opening areas for furnaces, hopper emptying, etc.



  • Attracts and holds dust
  • Protects the spray booth and its users
  • Easy to use
  • Acts fast and efficiently
  • Long lasting action


CONSUMPTION———————————10 m²/ litre

PARTICULARITY——————————–Silicone-free product




  1. Apply with a brush or roller on all smooth, non-porous surfaces (painted steel sheets, light alloys, plastic materials, etc.)
  2. It is not necessary to add water. 15 minutes after its application, the treated surface acquires all of the adhesive properties required to capture and trap any dust coming into contact with it.
  3. This product does not lose its adhesive quality even after a long exposure at 80°C. Loss of adhesion indicates that dust saturation is reached. The first layer should be removed before a new layer is applied.
  4. The product can be removed by simply washing it with water.


Our PROTECNET agent is delivered in 10 litre and 30 litre containers.