PROLIX: Medium efficiency mesh filters

The PROLIX filter media products are used for medium efficiency filtration. Its galvanised steel supporting structure consists of a metal mesh or a synthetic media. Our filters from the PROLIX product range are regularly used in air conditioning and general ventilation.



Thanks to its galvanised steel frame and its mesh front panel, the PROLIX media is extremely well held. If offers excellent resistance to mechanical stresses and humidity + 80% RH.

Many options

There are several PROLIX filters; each has its own specific features:

  • PROLIX PLAN J: Disposable flat frame
    (1 frame + 2 front mesh panels + 1 media inside)
  • PROLIX PLAN L: Jet washable flat frame, with detergent product (1 frame + 2 front mesh panels+ 2 layers of polypropylene)
  • PROLIX PLAN R: Flat frame, rechargeable in a few seconds (1 frame +1 mesh front panel + 1 cross piece to hold the media)
  • PROLIX PLAN D.R: Flat removable and rechargeable frame (2 frames + 1 mesh front panel)
  • PROLIX PLI.J: Disposable pleated filter (1 frame + 1 media glued or sewn to the mesh and folded)
  • PROLIX PLI L: Pleated washable filter. Folds are adhesive bonded.
    (1 frame + 2 or 4 polypropylene faces + 1 galvanised or stainless steel inside grid). Prolix Pli.J
  • PROLIX PLI C: Rechargeable pleated filter with “cartridge”.
    Economic to change since only the cartridge needs to be bought. (Frame + synthetic media, sewn to the grid and folded).
prolix-plan-j prolix-plis-j


Our PROLIX filters offer an average gravimetric efficiency ranging from 69% to 98% depending on the media used.
Our filters are made to measure. Please consult us for more information about our products.