PROKRAFT 6c (or 8c): Filter with 6 (or 8) layers of Kraft paper for spray booths.


The PROKRAFT 6c and 8c filters combine 6 to 8 layers of Kraft paper to retain fine airborne particles coming from all types of solvent and water based paints (powders, varnishes, water, lacquers…). These residues should not only be extracted but should also be retained. Thanks to their multi-layers the PROKRAFT 6c and 8c filters, using the baffle principle, provide a high retention capacity and extremely fine filtration.


Mass efficiency

Thanks to their 6 or 8 layers of Kraft paper, the PROKRAFT 6c and 8c filters provide excellent filtration. Efficient in all situations, these filters adapt to multiple spraying operations.

Fine filtration

If the products are water solvent or thermosetting paints or lacquers, the filter efficiency is 96%; filtration is also very efficient for primary primers, i.e. 90%. The PROKRAFT 8c filter captures even the finest particles that have passed through the first layers of Kraft paper.

Load loss and constant air flow

The design and composition of the PROKRAFT 6c and 8c filters maintain a low load loss (and flow) regardless of how dirty the filters are.
With little resistance to air, PROKRAFT filters allow the free circulation of air.

Quality guarantee

Our primary concern is the quality of our products. As such, the manufacturing process for PROKRAFT 6c and PROKRAFT 8c is fully automatic. This offers a good filtering performance

Environmentally friendly

Our PROKRAFT filters are produced from natural and biodegradable products only. Thanks to their high efficiency and load capacity, surplus paint is not released into the atmosphere.

Easy to use

This type of filter can be easily assembled, disassembled and maintained.

prokraft-8c procraft-8c


Depth 16mm 25mm
Recommended air speed 0.5 à 1 M/S
Retention capacity 4 à 6 kg au m² 12 à 15 kg / m²
Load loss – New state
(mm of water column)
0,4 pour 0.5 m/s (3,9 PA)
0,8 pour 0,75 m/s (7,8 PA)
1,2 pour 1 m/s (11,8PA)
3,5 pour 2m/s (34,3 PA)
Maximum load loss
(mm of water column)
15 pour 0.75 m/s (147 PA)


Ref Format N° rolls/pallet Weight/m²
PRO 055 1,10 X 12m
43” X 39′
10 360g
PRO 056 0,50 X 12m
19,7” X 39′
10 360 g

Ref Format N° rolls/pallet Weight/m²
PRO 057 1,10 X 12m
43” X 39′
10 420g
PRO 058 0,50 X 12m
19,7” X 39′
10 420 g

* Possibility to vary the cuts for high quantities.