PROKRAFT 5CH (or 7ch): Filter with 5 (or 7) layers of Kraft paper + 1 layer of non-woven polyester..

prokraft 5CH 7CH

The PROKRAFT 5CH and 7CH filters combine multi-layers of Kraft paper, split and stretched, and a final layer of non-woven polyester fibre to retain fine airborne particles coming from all types of solvent and water based paints (powders, varnishes, water, lacquers…). These residues should not only be extracted but should also be retained, and thanks to their multi-layers the PROKRAFT 5CH and 7CH filters, using the baffle principle, provide a high retention capacity and extremely fine filtration. This filter is the most widely used in spray booths with horizontal ventilation.


Mass efficiency

Thanks to their 5 or 7 layers of Kraft paper and the final layer of non-woven polyester, the PROKRAFT 5CH and 7CH filters provide excellent filtration. Depending on whether products are thermosetting, dry or water solvent, the filter efficiency can reach 98.5% to 99.5%.

Load loss and constant air flow

PROKRAFT 5CH and 7CH filters are able to maintain a low load loss as well as a low air flow regardless of how dirty they are. Air passes freely through the filter.

Regular and homogeneous manufacturing process

As a manufacturer, we focus on the quality of products leaving our plant; this is why the manufacturing process for our PROKRAFT 5CH and 7CH filters is fully automated.
This provides a good filtering performance.

Economic and high performance

PROKRAFT 5CH and 7CH have high interception capabilities. Their load capacity is high and as such they last much longer than traditional filters; a real economic advantage.

Easy to use

PROKRAFT 5CH and 7CH are easy to install and can be quickly removed once the filter’s maximum load capacity is reached.

Environmentally friendly

Thanks to their high efficiency, the emissions from dry extract released into the air are considerably reduced to respect and protect the environment.

prokraft-5ch prokraft-7ch


Depth 16mm 25mm
Recommended air speed 0.5 à 1 M/S
Retention capacity 6 à 8 kg au m² 12 à 15 kg/m²
Load loss – New state
(mm of water column)
1,2 pour 0.5 m/s (11,8 PA)
2,3 pour 0,75 m/s (22,5 PA)
3,3 pour 1 m/s (32,4 PA)
6,2 pour 1,5 m/s (60,8 PA)
8,8 pour 2 m/s (86,2 PA)
Maximum load loss
(mm of water column)
15 pour 0.75 m/s (147 PA)


Ref Format N° rolls/pallet Weight/m²
PRO 059 1,10 X 12m
43” X 39′
10 380g
PRO 060 0,50 X 12m
19,7” X 39′
10 380 g

Ref Format N° rolls/pallet Weight/m²
PRO 065 1,10 X 12m
43” X 39′
10 440g
PRO 070 0,50 X 12m
19,7” X 39′
10 440 g

* Possibility to vary the cuts for high quantities.