PROCLAR: Medium and high efficiency pocket filter.


The PROCLAR filter media products are used as pre-filters for medium and high efficiency filtration. The PROCLAR filter consists of a galvanised stainless steel metal frame, a plastic frame and a pocket. The pocket is made from either synthetic media or micronised glass fibre.



Thanks to its design, the PROCLAR filter offers excellent resistance to mechanical stresses and humidity: + 80% RH.

Many applications

Our PROCLAR Pocket filters can be used for many applications:

  • Machine tools
  • Ventilation, heating, air conditioning
  • Ventilation of computer rooms
  • Filtration of painting lines
  • Laboratories, hospitals
  • Agri-food industry
  • Optical, electronics

Many applications

The filter media is easily installed since it is assembled in sliding units and positioned in line.


Used for pre-filtering, our PROCLAR filters capture the large particles. This significantly extends the operating life of our high efficiency filters; indeed these filters will accumulate less dirt.

Innovation : PROCLAR RIG

Rigid pockets: They can be used in more demanding conditions (installations with a variable air volume, high humidity, intermittent water exposure) compared with soft pockets. They have a larger filtering surface than soft pockets, as well as a lower load loss and therefore a longer operating life. Finally, with its rigid polystyrene frame, it is easy to install and replace this filter.


Frame depth (mm) 20-25 mm
Classification EN 779 G3 G4 F5
Gravimetric efficiency % 80% 90% 95%
Opacimetric efficiency % 25% 35% 45%
Load loss – New state(mm of water column) 25 Pa 35/40 Pa 60/70 Pa
Maximum load loss(mm of water column) 200/250 Pa 200/250 Pa 250 Pa
Media used Thick synthetic media
Maximum temperature 100°C
Flow rate M3/H/m² 2500 à 5000
FIRE Classification F1 DIN 53438

* The flow rate can be increased by increasing the initial load losses.

PROCLAR filtering pockets made from fine Synthetic media (Meltdown) exist with an opacimetric efficiency of up to 95% (classification F9). Please contact us for more information

Classification EN 779 F6 F7 F8 F9
Opacimetric efficiency % 65% 85% 90% 95%
Load loss – New state(mm of water column) 130 Pa 120 Pa 140 Pa 160Pa
Maximum load loss(mm of water column) 500 à 600 Pa
Media used Polypropylene synthetic media
Maximum temperature 80 – 100°
Speed m/s 1,5 à 4
Humidity resistance 100 %
FIRE Classification F1 DIN 53438


Our filtering pockets are made to measure. Please contact us for a quotation..