PROCEL: Filter media with cardboard frame..

Procel Fib

The PROCEL filter media products are designed to protect pocket filters, and medium and high efficiency filters. They are ideal for pre-filtration systems, for medium filtration in air conditioning, recycling air or heating units. The PROCEL filter has a rigid cardboard supporting structure on which 3 different types of media can be adapted.



Thanks to its special cardboard frame, the PROCEL filter can withstand high humidity levels: + 80% RH.


Used for pre-filtering, our PROCEL filters capture the large particles. This significantly increases the operating life of our high efficiency filters; indeed these filters will accumulate less dirt.

Easy to use

The PROCEL filter media can be easily installed since it adapts to a universal frame, upstream or downstream, on a slide in a pre-filtration or recycling unit. Once dirty, the PROCEL filter is disposable.


Three types of medias can be adapted to the cardboard frame. Depending on the efficiency level required, the three main medias are: Glass fibre (PROCEL FIB), synthetic (PROCEL PLAN) and synthetic folded (PROCEL PLI).

Procel Plan Procel Pli


  PROCEL FIB (Glass fibre) PROCEL PLAN (Synthetic) PROCEL PLI (Pleated)
Nominal depth (inch) 1” 2” 1” 1”
Actual depth (mm) 24 mm 48mm 24mm 48mm
Classification EN 779 G2 G3 G3 G4 F5 G4
Gravimetric efficiency % 75-80% 80-85% 87% 90% 96% 90%
Passage speed (m/s) 2,5 M/S 1,5 1 ,5 0,7 1,5 à 3
Load loss – New state(mm of water column) 20 Pa 30 Pa 23Pa 27Pa 21Pa 25 – 30 Pa
Maximum load loss
(mm of water column)
150 Pa 250 Pa 250 Pa 250 Pa 300 Pa 200 – 300 Pa
Operating temperature limit 80°C
Flow rate M3/H/m² 1600 à 3400 5400

*The flow rates m3/h/m² may vary depending on the initial load losses.


Please consult us for the various sizes.

* Cut panels are packed in accordance with their size and quality in flexible packaging (film).