PROCART: Pleated Cardboard Filter


The PROCART filter is a cardboard filter designed to collect all solid or liquid particles in the air (adhesives, paint, fibres, tar, lacquer, transparent coatings, Teflon, varnish, powder, etc.). This filter is designed to fit all types of spray booths, horizontally or vertically. The PROCART filter with its inertia separation system deposits and maintains particles on the walls without restricting air flow.


Significant overspray retention

With its V-shaped design and perfectly offset holes, it retains 4 to 6 times more overspray than traditional filters (fibreglass, paper filters, metal filters…) i.e. approximately 12 kg/m²..

Filter efficiency

Unlike traditional filters, the efficiency of the PROCART filter increases as it fills with paint; depending on the quality of the paint, efficiency reaches 98.2% (dry extract).

Constant air flow

With the PROCART filter, the paint installation maintains a constant and regular air speed until the filter is saturated..


The shape of the folds is designed to give the PROCART filter significant rigidness.

Regular and homogeneous manufacturing process

The completely automatic manufacturing process ensures the PROCART filter has no punching flaws or irregular gaps between folds thus providing efficient filtration. As a manufacturer, our products are optimised as best as possible to satisfy your needs.

Economic and high performance

With its accordion folds, its load capacity is high and as such it lasts much longer than traditional filters; a real economic advantage.

Environmentally friendly

The PROCART filter is 100% natural. It is manufactured from recycled paper and water based glue, all are biodegradable.

Easy to store

Whatever the height of the filter, the surface area per box is the same for each type of filter.

Easy to use

It is easy to install and replace a filter. No support grating is required; therefore access to the extraction chamber is left free. A retaining bar can be installed in the middle. (For more information, please consult our “Installation” section).



Depth55 mm

Recommended airspeed0.5 à 1 M/S

Depression0.50 M/S 13 PA
0.75 M/S 30 PA

Load loss – new state
(mm of water column)0.4 for 0.75 m/s (4 PA)

Maximum load loss
(mm of water column)8 for 0.75 m/s (78 PA)


Ref Format Number of folds Cardboard filter/Pallet Weight of 1 cardboard filter Size of 1 pallet
CART 75 0.75 X 13m29.52” X 42′ 330 60 10 Kg22 lbs 1200X800X2200mm47 X 31 X 86.6”
CART 90 0.9 X 11m 35.43” X 36′ 275 60 10 Kg 22 lbs 1200X1000X2200mm 47 X 39 X 86.6”
CART 100 1 X 10m 39.37” X 33′ 250 60 10 Kg 22 lbs 1200X1000X2200mm 47 X 39 X 86.6”
CART 909 0.9 X 9.14m 35.43” X 45′ 230 60 9 Kg 20 lbs 1200X1000X2200mm 47 X 39 X 86.6”


*Please consult us for other sizes