PROCART M: Cardboard and glass fibre high efficiency filter for spray booths.


The PROCART M filter is specially designed to collect all airborne particles coming from all types of dust and paints including powder, varnish, lacquer.. The PROCART filter combined with a final layer of glass fibre, provides a high retention capacity and extremely fine filtration.


Double filtration

Thanks to the glass fibre added to the Kraft paper, thus allowing the use of a single product, the filtration fineness is much higher. Depending on the paint quality, efficiency reaches 99.3%.

High load capacity

The PROCART M filter has an overspray retention capacity of 15kg / m², i.e. a higher retention capacity than with traditional filters.

Constant air flow

The holes on the front of the PROCART M filter are positioned in order to keep a constant and regular air speed while the filter is in use and until the filter is saturated.


The V-shaped folds of the shape of the PROCART M filter give it a significant rigidness.

Quality guarantee

PROCART M is produced in our plant on 2 fully automated production lines. This ensures that there are no punching flaws or irregular gaps between folds.

Economique et performant

With its additional layer of glass fibre and its fine filtration, the PROCART M filter needs to be changed less often than other types of filters.

Environmentally friendly

The V-shaped pocket captures the overspray and keep it inside it, as such the air that emerges is pure.



Depth fibre 55 mm + 10 mm of compressible fibre
Recommended airspeed 0.5 à 1 M/S
Depression 0.50 M/S 13 PA
0.75 M/S 30 PA
Load loss – new state
(mm of water column)
0.5 for 0.75 m/s (5 PA)
Maximum load loss
(mm of water column)
9 for 0.75 m/s (88 PA)


Ref Format Number of folds Cardboard filter/Pallet Weight of 1 cardboard filter Size of 1 pallet
CART M 75 0.75 X 8m
29.52” X 26′
220 50 6 Kg
13,2 lbs
47 X 31 X 70.8”
CART M 90 0.9 X 9m
29.52” X 29′
243 50 8 Kg
17,6 lbs
47 X 39 X 70.8”
CART M 100 1 X 8m
39.37” X 26′
220 50 8 Kg
17,6 lbs
47 X 39 X 70.8”

* Please consult us for other sizes