PROCANEUTRE NODCM GEL: Chloride free stripper for paints and varnishes.

PROCANEUTRE NODCM GEL is a product designed to remove a variety of powder or liquid paints and coatings: Oil-based paint, vinyl paint, acrylic paint, epoxy paint, alkyd paint, polyester paint, polyester epoxy paint, polyurethane paint, varnish and stains on wood.

PROCANEUTRE NODCM GEL acts by dissolving the paint films and not be peeling, which makes rinsing easier. This stripper gel does not evaporate or dry.

Thanks to its innovative formula, PROCANEUTRE NODCM GEL does not require activators and contains paraffin flakes which delay its evaporation. PROCANEUTRE NODCM GEL can be rinsed with water.



  • Free of phenol and chloride derivatives
  • Non-carcinogenic product: No CMR substances (carcinogenic, mutagens, toxic for reproduction)
  • Offers added security for users and the environment
  • Just as efficient as strippers containing phenols, dichloromethane…
  • Used cold, therefore offers energy savings
  • Does not require activators: The product is self-sufficient
  • The pickling solution can be filtered to extend its working life by removing paint residues
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  • APPEARANCE —————————————– Gel
  • PH ———————————————— Neutral
  • ODOUR —————————————— Slight ethereal odour
  • INFLAMMABILITY —————————– Flash point 18°C
  • REACTION —————— Neutral (does not attack ferrous or non-ferrous metals or wood)
  • DENSITY —————————————- 0,902 +/- 0,005 grs
  • APPLICATION TEMPERATURE ————- entre 15°C et 30°C


Apply PROCANEUTRE NODCM GEL to any surface to be stripped, then leave the product to work. PROCANEUTRE NODCM GEL acts very quickly on paint films. However, its destructive action depends on the temperature, thickness and hardness of coats to be removed.

Blistered or dissolved paint can be removed by high pressure rinsing. A good stripped finish is obtained. If necessary, brush lightly to remove the paint coats.



The PROCANEUTRE NODCM GEL stripper is sold in 5L, 10L and 20L containers.

Avoid prolonged contact with skin.
Store the product in a temperate room.
Do not use near a flame or a heat source.

PROFILT cannot be held liable for any application or uses that do not comply with our instructions. (Please read the safety instructions on the label)