To obtain the protection you require for your paint spray booths, PROFILT offers 3 types of products and a maintenance kit:

  • Dust removal from air
  • Temporary removable protection
  • Protective film for walls, floors and windows.

A range of essential protection:

  • Dust removal from air: Thanks to its electrostatic effect, PROTECNET (dust removal agent) and PROTECNET H (ionised solution) attract dust particles and efficiently retains them. As such, it prevents unwanted particle deposits for industries requiring an impeccable finish. Often used in the car, plastics and wood industries.


  • Peelable varnish – To protect the walls of new equipment, to provide the spray gun operator with a bright and clean environment, to keep production areas that can be visited by customers clean, two peelable varnishes are available: a solvent base varnish (PROTECPEL) or a water based varnish (PROTECPEL AQ). Compared with other products on the market, its value lies in its high elasticity; hence the extremely short replacement time.
  • Protective film: Whether for use on walls, floors, or windows, our easy to install plastic electrostatic films (PROTECFILM, PROTEC DMF) and adhesives (PROTEC ADH) will provide protection so that operators can work in a clean and bright spray booth.