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Paint mist filter Edrizzi®

Edrizzi® is a new concept for applications for the separation of paint mist in the field of coating technology and so full range of PROFILT society. A practical cube made with a naturally renewable raw material is the main element of technology. Edrizzi® can complete the equipment of an existing system and works equally well on the surface and underground, and both vertically and horizontally: Life periods of increased filters, a capacity of high absorption and stable coating conditions in the cab are the essential advantages of this patented system.


The Filterbox system, unlike in traditional dry filter systems, is not only composed of a filter mat, but individual square carton fire resistant that can be mounted according to the principle of a construction box system in the desired size with respect to a total filter area. The sheet metal frames used in this case to support structure. The dimensions of the individual filter boxes are LxWxH = 0.5 × 0.5 × 0.5 m. or 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.3 m.

The inner mounting specially developed and patented individual filter box is designed such that the inertial effect of the varnish is used inter alia. This allows a degree of filtering of more than 95% and an accumulation capacity of more than 60kg / m2 – unlike traditional systems, an increase of 100 times. After complete saturation, there is still the possibility to change individual elements of filter box without replacing the entire filter wall. Saturated canisters are removed from the sheet metal frame. This allows a clean intermediate storage and subsequent disposal.


EDRIZZI® is present wherever conventional filter beds were used until now. The range of applications ranges from simple manual spray booth to the use of automatic varnishing lines through variants in the basement. Thanks to the type of body construction, the most different geometric shapes can be mounted on projection walls and all current resists can be used.


Only in that the filters EDRIZZI absorb 100 times as much dry varnish dust than in traditional dry filter systems is convincing :

  • Efficacy: absorbent capacity greater than 60 kg / m2, filtration grade > 95%
  • Economy filtering material, simpler handling and more effective
  • Improved quality : constant coating conditions at the workplace
  • Variability : flexible and adaptable thanks to variable mounting possibility in the system box , simple and inexpensive additional equipment for all installations, manufactured and filled with recycled waste paper.