Cleaning Stripping.

Paint must be removed before starting any renovation work, or before repainting a part with damaged paint. Chemical pickling is the most efficient way to remove paint. Paint can be removed by either immersing the part in a chemical bath or by applying the product directly onto the part.


Our range of strippers are used:

  • For cleaning paint spray guns, spray gun nozzles or the spraying installation to remove dry paint and solve any clogging problems and production down time.
  • For stripping woodwork or metal parts with a poor quality finish. The part can then be reworked and scrapping costs avoided.
  • For cleaning hammocks or hooks in powder installations (provides good electrical conductivity and therefore better paint adhesion).
  • For cleaning the walls of unpainted booths, use PROCANEUTRE NODCM GEL.


Methylene chloride is considered to be carcinogenic and dangerous to human health, this is why our new generation strippers PROCANEUTRE NODCM1 and PROCANEUTRE NODCM2 are made using chloride free solvents (free of dichloromethane, methylene chloride, methanol…). Although powerful stripper products, they offer added security for users and the environment.