PROCOAGU: Coagulant for paints and varnishes for use in spray booths and robots with water-curtain..


PROCOAGU is a coagulant used to treat water in spray booths and tunnels for paint and varnishes. Due to its characteristics, it is suitable for both solvent and water-solvent solutions. Due to its composition, it is used to destabilise particles and to agglomerate paint and varnish pigments (overspray), preventing installations from clogging up.

To obtain a perfect surface separation of overspray, PROFLO+ must be added so that it can be completely removed.


  • Prolongs the bath life: By cleaning the water, the bath life is significantly prolonged;
  • Significant savings: Reduces the frequency of water changes, maintenance costs and the spray booth cleaning costs;
  • Efficiently separates paint particles from water;
  • Accelerates particle sedimentation ;
  • Deodorizes the bath.
coagulant1 coagulant2


APPEARANCE: Light brown liquid
PH VALUE: 6.5 at 20°C
REACTION: Neutral, has no action on ferrous and non-ferrous metals
SOLUBILITY: Completely water soluble




  1. For the treatment of a new bath, the dose is 1% of the bath’s volume.
  2. Quickly stir the coagulant at the point where it is introduced for the product to act uniformly.
  3. Each day, add 6% of the collected overspray into the water and 1% of the water quantity added into the installation.
  4. Mixing order: First, 5 to 8 minutes before adding the PROFLO +.
  5. Dosing operations should be carried out manually or automatically using a dosing pump.

dangerShake the container well before use


PROCOAGU is sold in 5 litre, 10 litre and 20 litre containers.