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PROCOAGU: Coagulant for paints and varnishes for use in spray booths and robots with water-curtain.. PROCOAGU is a coagulant used to treat water in spray booths and tunnels for paint and varnishes. Due to its characteristics, it is suitable for both solvent and water-solvent solutions. Due to its composition, it is used to destabilise particles […]

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PROFLO+: Flocculent for paints, varnishes, adhesives, for use in spray booths, robots and tunnels with a water curtain. PROFLO + is a polymeric dispersing solution for the treatment of water in spray booths, tunnels and robots for paint and varnishes. It can also be used to treat residual water containing adhesives or any other pollutant. […]

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PROBIO: A broad spectrum biocide for the surface treatment of water. PROBIO is a broad spectrum biocide (toxic chemical product for micro-organisms). It destroys harmful organisms (bacteria, fungi, yeast, algae, mould…) on paint installations with a water curtain, as well as in industrial cooling water systems, surface treatment baths, etc. This product can therefore be […]

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WATER TREATMENT COAGULATION – FLOCCULATION principles Coagulation – flocculation is physico-chemical process that facilitates the agglomeration of fine particles (colloids) contained in water to form a floc that can be easily filtered from water. Effluent (waste water) must be treated before it is discharged or before the water is re-used. Coagulation – flocculation helps remove […]

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PROMOUSS: Silicone-free anti-moss agent for use in industry. PROMOUSS is an anti-moss and de-aerating agent particularly suitable for aqueous environments that contain surfactants, proteins, starch. It prevents mosses, lichens or other parastic plants from forming even in extremely difficult conditions and quickly and effectively destroys any moss already formed. It is a chlorine and solvent […]

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