PROBIO: A broad spectrum biocide for the surface treatment of water.

PROBIO is a broad spectrum biocide (toxic chemical product for micro-organisms). It destroys harmful organisms (bacteria, fungi, yeast, algae, mould…) on paint installations with a water curtain, as well as in industrial cooling water systems, surface treatment baths, etc. This product can therefore be used to disinfect water.

PROBIO is a very efficient biocide used to treat almost all micro-organisms, even those found in small concentrations.

PROBIO complies with the European Directive 98/8/CE concerning the marketing of biocide products. It is therefore an efficient product with no unacceptable risks.

PROBIO must not be used in drinking water systems (for human consumption).


  • Reduces bio-fouling
  • Prevents unpleasant odours
  • Prevents the propagation of micro-organisms
  • Wide range of applications: Efficient on almost all micro-organisms


PHYSICAL STATE Transparent liquid
COLOUR Yellowish
ODOUR Slightly aromatic
PH 6-6,5
SOLUBILITY Completely water soluble


The PROBIO dosage depends on several factors:

  • Type and quality of micro-organisms.
  • Volume of bath or circuit.
  • Bath change frequency.
  • Quantity of pollution.
Shock treatment 1 % of the water volume
Maintenance treatment 0,2 à 0,4 % of the water volume

dangerWear protective gloves and safety glasses