Technical applications:


Dry spray booth

For the paint cabins with dry filtering, the PROCART range of cardboard filters is the best solution to make the most of your installations.

  • Air speed
  • Quantity of overspray particules/m3

Thanks to the concept of inertial separation, the PROCART filter offers regularity in the extraction. This way, it allows an excellent filtering and a great power of retention. All the surplus paint remains in the filter and is not thrown out in the environment. All filters are made of recycled and biodegradable paper.




Wet back and water booths

or booths and robots, water flocculents PROFLO+, and coagulants PROCO are the ideal solution for treating paint and varnish in water from booths, tunnels, paint robots’.

Our non-corrosive coagulants are well-known on the market for their high ability in separating the overspray from the water.

  • Savings:
    • Reduction, even elimination of paint build-up
    • Reduction in cleaning time
    • Less booth maintenance
    • No need for other products
    • Fewer ponds for the cleaning of used water
    • Easy, quick to use, either manually or automatically
    • Maintenance of equipment and reduction of breakdowns
    • Changing of water highly reduced, even eliminated



Cleaning:A range of essential products:

  • For paint cleaning in pipes or the spraying installation to remove dry paint and to solve problems and breaks in production
  • For wood or metal for rework to clean the part and maintain cost effectiveness
  • Forjig cleaning in powder installations, (allows good electrical conductivity and better paint adhesion)
  • For non-painted booths, you will use PROCANEUTRE GEL




A range of necessary protection:

  • Dust removal agent : thanks to its elctrostatic effect, PROTECNET retains particules, for the best finishing quality. highly used in car, plastics and wood industries.
  • Peelable booth protection : to protect new equipment, to offer the operator a bright and clean environment and to keep the production area clean, booth coatings based on solvent (PROTECPEL) or water (PROTECPEL AQ) are available. In comparison with existing products, its quality is based on high elasticity and easier replacement.